Private Wealth.

For Carey, open and creative partnerships with our clients and their advisors achieve far greater outcomes than traditional, reactive approaches to trust administration.

We provide every service one would expect from a modern fiduciary firm but the important difference is the overlay of our cultural values.

Here, our wide experience in private wealth is reinforced by our comfort in challenging traditional concepts and approaches to achieve the optimum result. Our partnership principle involves sitting on the same side of the table as our clients, sharing one mind-set.

Clients select us because of our creativity and the added value we provide to wealth structuring. Through this we achieve more for our clients and thrive on the challenge to find solutions to a myriad of different scenarios.

Carey works with clients and intermediaries around the globe. Whether that relationship is large or small, we value the long-term opportunities that can develop.

  • Trust, Foundation and Company Administration
  • Private Trust Company & Private Trust Foundation
  • Succession Planning (Personal and Business)
  • Philanthropic Structures
  • Family Funds & Partnerships
  • Accounting and International Reporting
  • Real Estate Services
  • Private Office Services
  • Club Deal Investments


  • Our companies have been through a lot of organizational developments to adapt to the fast-paced implementation of regulatory changes for the past 12 months. We have experienced an efficient service of a market leader as they came up with effective and practical solutions.
    They adapt a result-oriented approach and work hand-in-hand with our legal advisors, and all our other service providers which has been advantageous in addressing all our needs. Our group of companies have reached milestones for the past eight years and Carey has been an essential part of that.

    Investment Director, Single family office, Middle East

  • My interaction with the trust team at Carey has been enormously positive. They have been expert, practical and responsive. Above all, they understand that clients are best served when all their professionals work as a team. They hold other professionals to account but also work alongside them in a very collaborative way.

    Partner, London Law Firm

  • Your human touch and approach to detail amongst being always available to find solutions is what makes Carey different.

    International Private Client

  • Carey excel both on service and geographical knowledge, especially in the Middle East. We find that they combine responsiveness, adaptability and expertise to provide a first class offering and we would rate them as one of the strongest fiduciaries.

    Head of International Private Wealth Group, London Law Firm


At Carey, we thrive on challenging traditional views.  We do this in partnership with our clients as well as on their behalf. We believe that our fresh and modern approach to traditional administration sets us apart from our peers. Challenge provides opportunities for new perspectives and better solutions.


By embracing challenge, opportunities unfold. Our Carey people enjoy the creative process that ultimately develops the ideal solution for each client’s situation. Whether the opportunities are complex or more straightforward, without exploring what’s possible, we cannot create the optimal result.


Through close and truly open partnerships between Carey, our clients and their advisors we challenge habit and build upon each other’s ideas and expertise. Experience tells us that this combination produces exceptional results which grow far beyond what individually we thought to be possible at the outset.

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    Let's Talk

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