Our Carey “WHY”

Today, we reveal our new brand identity, led by our name, Carey. It is one of the final points on our transformational journey to re-define our business culture.

Behind the vibrant new colours and kaleidoscopic photography is a story which our Carey people are driving forward together.

Just over 12 months ago our work towards this rebrand began. It was triggered by changes in our industry and, even more so, within our business. It quickly became clear that our approach to private wealth, corporate and fund services was distinct to other businesses that on the face of it do similar things. Our challenge was to capture those differences and their meaning for our people and for our clients.

Inspired by the work of Simon Sinek, best-selling author of “Start with Why”, we embarked on a course of action to establish the ways in which our culture inspires, provides fulfilment and places our people firmly at the heart of our strategy. Crucially, our people have been involved in every step of this journey and have defined it.

Simon’s key idea is: “people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”.

Mapping out what you do and how you do it is relatively straightforward but as Simon’s work has highlighted, many companies stop at that point, pushing marketing messages that are limited to what they do and how they do it. Finding Carey’s why – the passion behind it all – needed more work using the assistance of Phil Eyre at the Learning Company and a lot of deep-seated thinking!

What we have found through this process is that a certain type of person is drawn to work at Carey and that a shared culture and purpose drives every part of our business. Our Carey people are inspired and motivated by creative partnerships and the personal growth that challenge provides.

We believe that by working in an environment of open and creative partnerships, in which constructive challenge is accepted and encouraged, the rewards and achievements are far greater for all.

We Are Carey
We Are Carey

The essence of our culture has been confirmed by feedback from our client base as reasons why they select us and refer others to Carey.

Being open to this way of working involves certain ways of thinking which led to the creation of Carey's brand values (link to website) alongside our people-led strategy.

Where will this journey take us? We're aiming for a culture where we perform phenomenally because our people are inspired and fulfilled. To growing even more exciting client relationships which are collaborative, creative and achieve something unique through that special combination of us working together as true partners.

Along the way we have learned a huge amount about who we are as individuals, as one business and in the minds of our clients. We also understand the importance of working with those who share our "WHY".

I'm very proud to work with an outstanding team and to introduce you to our new identity.

We are Carey.